We provide high-quality emergency medical services.

About Rough Country Response

Rough Country Response is veteran owned and operated out of Arizona offering a full compliment of emergency medical support for wildland operations. From individual EMT’s to a fully staffed state of the art REM package, all of our team is well trained, fully supplied and ready to respond to your fire.

Services Provided:

  • ALS/BLS Line Team/Individual (EMPF/EMTF/4X4 truck with kit)
  • ALS/BLS Ambulance (EMPF/EMTF/4X4)
  • ALS REM (4X4 UTV/4X4 Truck + High/Low Angle Rescue)
  • COVID Trailer (EMPF/EMTF COVID Screening/4X4 Truck)
  • Mobile medical unit for ICP, Spike Camps, and FOBs *

*ALS Travel trailer with a designated evaluation, treatment, and isolation area. Provides Telehealth through the on-site provider and the appropriately licensed physician remotely. Fully self-contained unit and provides a generator, water system, AC/Heat, patient bathroom, isolation sleeping facility, and all other typical medical unit activities on wildland fires.


Team & Equipment

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